Welcome to The Lexington HIT Center

At the Lexington HIT Center we utilize our professional expertise, natural science and sophisticated technology to test, train, and motivate each client toward his or her highest human performance.

Our programs are driven by unique exercise testing and training protocols that empower our clients to achieve marked and measurable results, and to do so faster and better than anything the client could do on their own or at other training/fitness centers.

The HIT Center’s human performance experts use the limits of science and technology to develop and deliver customized training programs (Speed-Up, Lighten-Up, HIT Fit ) for athletes of all ages, weight loss clients, and high level fitness enthusiasts.

Regardless of your age, abilities, or fitness goals, The HIT Center has a program to get you there working one-on-one with a credentialed and highly trained exercise professional in a scientifically designed exercise environment. Our caring, supportive, and friendly experts design and implement training programs specifically for every customer’s needs and goals.

  • Individualized, custom programs specifically for you, your body, and your goals
  • Precise testing and results tracking to measure progress and success
  • High intensity, sport-specific training
  • Training prescriptions with creativity, variety, and ingenuity
  • State of the art cutting-edge technology available nowhere else
  • The most sophisticated fitness testing available

Contact Us or come to The Lexington HIT Center for a free tour and see how we can help you reach and exceed your goals.

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Program Examples - unique and customized to fit your goals)

  • Nutrition web HUsing advanced technology you will learn how many calories you should be eating, how many grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein you need for your fitness and performance goals.

  • SPEED UP: Customized and sport specific exercise programs; Intensive training; One-on-one sessions with an expert in athletic development and human performance; Measurable results.logoicon


  • LIGHTEN UP: Lose weight; Reduce health risks; Look better; Increase your energy; Improve your quality of life; Improve activities of daily living.runner ORIG


  • Advanced Nutrition ProgramVibration TrainerOur certified personal trainers have the credentials, the education, the experience, and the energy to help you achieve your fitness goals. In fact, we don't even offer "memberships." All of our clients work with a trainer all of the time; you WILL get results!

  • bootcampBoot Camps:The HIT Center's new fast-paced, fun, and effective workout for the busy adult is our Boot Camp. These classes are about 45 minutes long, and will challenge you to reach your full potential during every minute of every workout. Although the Boot Camp is intense, it also gives you the freedom to go at your own pace, so anybody of any fitness level can attend.


  • HIT FIT: Achieve a higher level of fitness; Increase endurance; Improve your heart rate; Develop greater muscle size and strength.logoiconblue


  • jeff reverse triangleOur self-defense classes are structured to give our clients, regardless of strength/speed/ability level, the tools to keep them and their loved ones safe. The self defense classes are open to anyone at any ability level. They last one hour each, and the knowledge gained may just save yourself or someone you love.

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