Be the longest hitter on the tee. Impress your tennis buddies with your backhand. Build endurance for that 10K. Be in the best shape of your life.

Whatever your goal, you can supplement your own training with speed work at The HIT Center.

HIT FIT melds science and sport to enable you to achieve the next level of performance in the shortest time.

Our six-week, high intensity program includes sophisticated testing to assess your fitness level and identify the limiting factors to your exercise performance. Based on this assessment, our experts in athletic development and human performance develop and implement a customized exercise prescription designed for your sport, health, occupation, or fitness goal.

With HIT FIT , you’ll will

  • Achieve a higher level of fitness;Hex DL Vibration
  • Increase endurance;
  • Improve your heart rate;
  • Develop muscle tone and strength.


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      • HIT FIT Evaluation
      • VO2Max Testing/Cardiopulmonary Evaluations
        • Measures the function of the heart/lung system to identify maximum heart rate, heart rate training zones and peak power output
      • Anaerobic Power Testing
        • Precisely assesses relative and absolute strength
      • Body Composition Analysis
        • Most accurate body composition assessment equipment available
        • Scientifically measures and tracks ratio of body fat to lean tissue
        • Non-invasive, easy, fast and hassle-free
      • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
        • Account for your caloric burn while resting
        • Aids in determining necessary caloric intake to aid in goal attainment



      The HIT FIT program includes:

      • Exercise Capacity Evaluations
      • Goal/Sport/Occupation-specific Training Programs
      • One-on-one training sessions with an expert in athletic development and human performance;
      • Measurable Results
      • Follow-Up Evaluations


      Throughout the six-week training period, your body composition, strength, cardiopulmonary function, endurance and aerobic capacity are closely monitored and evaluated so you can see your progress. At the end of the training period, a re-assessment is completed and compared to the initial assessment.

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