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Advanced Nutrition Program

HIT Center Advanced Nutrition Program

Proper nutrition and diet are fundamental to the success of any training program. From athletes looking to gain muscle and
strength to people looking to lose body fat, knowing the appropriate foods to eat and when to eat them can dramatically change how fast and effective your training can be.

Professional and elite athletes work with dietitians and doctors to make sure they are eating the right foods at the right time. Now this advanced dietary analysis is available to you at the HIT Center.

Using advanced technology you will learn how many calories you should be eating, how many grams of fat, carbohydrates, and protein you need for your fitness and performance goals.

You will also receive a custom meal plan making dietary changes as easy as possible to follow. More importantly, it will include your favorite foods and the best way to incorporate them into your diet.

The HIT Center Advanced Nutrition Program is designed to give athletes and clients the tools needed to:

  • Enhance athlete performancebefore after website
  • Increase energy
  • Improve Body Composition
  • Recovery Faster
  • Build More Muscle
  • Lose More Fat
  • Become Healthier

Step 1: Dowload and complete:

  1. Nutrition Assessment 
  2. 3-Day Food Log
  3. Health Questionnaire

Step 2: Call and schedule Body Composition Testing

Step 3: Bring completed paperwork to testing appointment, select and pay for desired package.

Step 4: Get Results!!


HIT Nutrition


Self Defense Classes

This just in! We're now offering self-defense classes at the HIT Center.

We believe that every citizen deserves the right to safety, no matter the price. Our self-defense classes are structured to give our clients, regardless of strength/speed/ability level, the tools to keep them and their loved ones safe.

Jeff Ruh was the head combatives and grappling instructor for the University of Wisconsin's mixed martial arts club. He has years of experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, US Army Combatives, wrestling, Judo, kickboxing, and ultimate fighting. Jeff's cage-fighting pedigree includes 26 fights overall, with a 22-4 record.

The self defense classes are open to anyone at any ability level. They last one hour each, and the knowledge gained may just save yourself or someone you love.

Are ybeatdown 2ou a fan of MMA? Come on down. Want to empower yourself? Come on down. Do you like to stay active but hate the boring and dull workout routines at your local big-box gym? Come on down.

The self-defense program will be five one-hour blocks, once per week for five weeks, for 6-12 individuals at a time. The curriculum will include basic safety foundations, stances, defenses, escapes, attacks, basic grappling, submission holds, reversals, takedowns, etc.

You will leave the 5 week course much more confident and capable than ever before, and you'll be knowledgeable enough to never be a victim!


See what HIT Center Self-Defense can do for you!jeff reverse triangle


Personal Training


The HIT Center is not only for the most elite athletes in training, we have access to the best and newest strength training and cardiovascular equipment available anywhere.

Our certified personal trainers have the credentials, the education, the experience, and the energy to help you achieve your fitness goals. In fact, we don't even offer "memberships." All of our clients work with a trainer all of the time; you WILL get results!

Our facility contains the finest mix of exercise equipment and floor space to maximize every workout. Moreover, the dominant majority of our training takes place with only one or two other members in the facility.

You'll never have to worry about the wandering and judgemental eyes that are typical of the big-box gyms in Lexington. Our atmosphere is no intimidation, no crowded lines for equipment, and the best training methods in the area.

Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, get more flexible, or simply feel better, we have the solution! Call Jeff at 859-266-0404 for your free trial personal training session and discover why the HIT Center is the place where you should be training.


Boot Camp

IMG 20160707 220612Tired of your boring workout routine?

Want a high-intensity high-energy way to lose weight, build muscle, and tone up?

The HIT Center's new fast-paced, fun, and effective workout for the busy adult is our Boot Camp. These classes are about 45 minutes long, and will challenge you to reach your full potential during every minute of every workout. Although the Boot Camp is intense, it also gives you the freedom to go at your own pace, so anybody of any fitness level can attend.IMG 20160707 221330

Jeff Ruh, a former Platoon Sergeant for the 82nd Airborne Division, has instructed his Boot Camps at multiple facilities to multitudes of clients. Whether you're young, old, fit, or out-of-shape; it doesn't matter. Join us for a fun and effective workout at The HIT Center!

(We just CUT our prices!! Check it out!)
Boot Camp Packages:

  • Single Class: $15 each ("Drop In" Rate)
  • 10 Classes: $135
  • 20 Classes: $200



Call to check when classes are available!




Be the longest hitter on the tee. Impress your tennis buddies with your backhand. Build endurance for that 10K. Be in the best shape of your life.

Whatever your goal, you can supplement your own training with speed work at The HIT Center.

HIT FIT melds science and sport to enable you to achieve the next level of performance in the shortest time.

Our six-week, high intensity program includes sophisticated testing to assess your fitness level and identify the limiting factors to your exercise performance. Based on this assessment, our experts in athletic development and human performance develop and implement a customized exercise prescription designed for your sport, health, occupation, or fitness goal.

With HIT FIT , you’ll will

  • Achieve a higher level of fitness;Hex DL Vibration
  • Increase endurance;
  • Improve your heart rate;
  • Develop muscle tone and strength.


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      • HIT FIT Evaluation
      • VO2Max Testing/Cardiopulmonary Evaluations
        • Measures the function of the heart/lung system to identify maximum heart rate, heart rate training zones and peak power output
      • Anaerobic Power Testing
        • Precisely assesses relative and absolute strength
      • Body Composition Analysis
        • Most accurate body composition assessment equipment available
        • Scientifically measures and tracks ratio of body fat to lean tissue
        • Non-invasive, easy, fast and hassle-free
      • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
        • Account for your caloric burn while resting
        • Aids in determining necessary caloric intake to aid in goal attainment



      The HIT FIT program includes:

      • Exercise Capacity Evaluations
      • Goal/Sport/Occupation-specific Training Programs
      • One-on-one training sessions with an expert in athletic development and human performance;
      • Measurable Results
      • Follow-Up Evaluations


      Throughout the six-week training period, your body composition, strength, cardiopulmonary function, endurance and aerobic capacity are closely monitored and evaluated so you can see your progress. At the end of the training period, a re-assessment is completed and compared to the initial assessment.

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